Part of my heart’s in Florida

I was eleven or twelve when I first met Lauren.  She’s more than a friend, more like a sister.  We’ve been there for each other through ups and downs and thick and thin.  We love one another without strings, and accept each others annoying flaws and dirty laundry (figuratively and literally).  After a friendship of  over twenty years, there’s no doubt that we’ll be old and grey together.

Last Spring break, I took the kids to visit her + her hubby and my dog nephews in Florida.  They transferred their jobs and made the big move a few years ago.  I cried like a baby.  I still miss her everyday.  You can read all about that here.

Glenn stayed behind to work and care for our zoo of animals (a pig, bearded dragon and two dogs).  We were sad to leave him behind, but made the most of every day.  Beaching, boating, sand castles, ice cream, and more.  The trip was filled with sunshine, laughter, love and FUN.

This year we weren’t planning to make the trip.  Dreama is actively involved in our church youth group, and after much debate, has been granted our permission to join the missions team to Myrtle Beach over Spring Break.  I will be states away, worried about human trafficking, kidnapping, bus accidents, drowning in the ocean, and every other worse case scenario that might run through the mind of a parent letting her 13 year old travel without them.  I planned to stay home and be on standby just in case I got a nightmare call and had to travel to Myrtle Beach.  …then my other two kiddos interrupted my thoughts and asked what my plans were with them.  I had no answer.  “Let’s go visit Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jason again!  We miss them and it’s warm where they live!  Maybe Daddy can come this year!”

My wheels started turning.  I logged online and hunted for airline fares.  $140 per person, roundtrip?!  Yes, please!  Glenn confirmed his vacation time over the phone and I purchased the tickets.  Just like that – we’re going to see Lauren (and Jason =).  We absolutely can’t wait – and I’m hoping it will help curve the negative crazy thoughts about Dreama’s trip!  Bet your bottom dollar though, I’ll still be on call and ready to go in a heartbeat if something happens!

Cheers to Spring break 2017, Florida, and time with one of my besties.  Here’s a few throwback photos from our trip last year ….