No Time for Trouble

Sex, drugs, alcohol, parties, and the “wrong” crowd are all things I fear for my children as they grow older and more independent.  We have no time for that kind of trouble.  To guard them from these things, we openly discuss all of these topics around the dinner table or even casually riding down the road in the family van.  Dreama is 13, Grace is 11 and Chance is 8.  They all ask questions and we go over different scenarios and what consequences could be.  If a friend offers a smoke and claims how calming and euphoric it is, say “No thanks.  It’s not my thing.” It’s never too early to talk about tough things – knowledge is power.

When our kids were itty bitty babies, I was told to keep them busy to keep them from trouble.  In the years since, I’ve also heard time and time again that the more active and involved you keep your kids, the better their grades will be.  I’m exhausted from all of the running around, but it’s true.

Soccer, boyscouts, girl scouts, piano lessons, guitar lessons, horseback lessons, track, church youth group, AWANA’s, the school band, school clubs and the every day mundane like homework, household chores and pet care keep us all VERY busy.   My life is revolved around my photography business baby, my hottie husband and our three kids and I love the balance we’ve found.  All three areas are blossoming and thriving, but I’m still searching for a way to branch out and fit in extended family and friends on a daily basis to nurture those relationships as well.  It’s been a goal of mine for over two years now and I’m determined to figure it out in 2017.

I want the people outside of our little family circle of 5 to know how much I value and appreciate them in my life.  There’s a handful of them and I know that my absence and lack of communication might one day take a toll.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  I mean, peeking into the lives of the people I admire most, they all seem to be ‘busy’, but have their hands in the community and reach so much more than ‘just their spouse and kids’.  How is it possible to juggle so much and not ‘drop the ball’?  I get overwhelmed and panicked just thinking about it, and feel like some days, I’m already living in ‘survival mode’ to get everyone where they should be and emails responded to.  If YOU have any tips or advice, PLEASE – let me know =)


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